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The process of teaching spoken English is based on NATURAL LANGUAGE LEARNING (N L L) CONCEPT. In this concept of learning, students SEE, LISTEN, REPEAT AND SPEAK. This method of teaching has been tried out at our institute, and it was found successful in making the students fluent in English in short period of three months.

A period of about 6 years has been spent in research and development to bring out this product of 3 double density DVDs/3CDs/Mp 3 and 6 books. Even students, who do not have any prior knowledge of English, can pick up Spoken English easily. They can learn Spoken English at home by self study, an hour daily. This versatile package helps them to learn Spoken English through DVD player / Computer / Books or MP 3, while on the move. Thus they can learn SPOKEN ENGLISH ANY WHERE, ANY TIME!

Speak English through Tamil

Speak English through Tamil

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Our Clients

    • CTTE – Chennai
    • Stella Mary’s – Chennai
    • Madras College of Education, Ariyalur.
    • Madras Institute of Technology – Chennai.
    • Chennai William Anglo Indian High School
    • Valluvar Gurukulam
    • Dr. VGN Schools
    • Air Force School
    • Rani Meyyammal School
    • Raja Muthaiah Chettier School